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_14A3161_14A3161ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Took some time off from the sports again and tried something I was thinking about for some time. I AM NOT A PEOPLE PERSON.  I had bought a 200mm F2 lens and saw many great photos of people taken wide open.  I got some friends to lend their little ones for a shoot over a couple of weekends.  The lens is everything  they say it is.  You are not going to get close when shooting but with Kids you don't want to stick a camera in their face.  At the time I was shooting I couldn't say it was fun.  Even though it was supposed to be for the fun of it. Worrying about getting some good photos of people  always bothers me a bit,  least till you review the pictures on a bigger screen. Was the focus right, eyes open, or something out of place you have to Photoshop.  Both moms were  chewing at the kids to smile or do something.  They couldn't see what I saw through the lens.  I did a little fall staging with some straw, pumpkins and other props before anyone showed up.  That really helped because when the kids saw it they were hooked on doing something with the props.  The youngest above worked best on his own.  You are not going to give much direction at that age.  Sometimes all you can ask for is something to trigger a smile.

Then there are times when you think they couldn't preform better.  You have to be ready all the time and being a distance away they kind of forget you are there and play a bit.  Sometimes the moms are worst than the kids.




Don't forget to get mom in the act.  Someone just wanted to go for a ride in the wagon.  Priceless.




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