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It's great to catch the extra Z's in the morning but you are missing the best time of day.  SUNRISE!  Of course the best time to catch a sunrise is in cold weather because the air is crisp with little distortion in the shy from haze or heat waves that can affect your photo.  One half hour before the sun rises will produce some amazing colors in the sky.  You need some clouds to help reflect the morning glow as the sun is about to peak on the horizon.  Too late and the color will be gone. The sun is too hot to photograph unless you use some filters to compensate for the brightness.  No clouds can give a nice glow but not a dramatic sky.  Too many clouds and the sun can't peak through. You have a grey sky.  Getting up that early also gives you a chance to enjoy nature at its best and usually no one to bother you.  You still have the twinkling lights if a city scape to add some color.  There are better times of the year as the sun moves and the earth tilts between seasons.  But I do prefer the winter.  If you haven't tried it  you should.  Just don't over expose or you will get a photo that looks like daylight especially if you are still shooting in the auto mode on your camera.  

Stop by one of the coffee shops, bring a small flashlight and get there at least an hour early and enjoy the show.


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