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No they didn't burn the house down but knowing them they would have had fun.  I had this concept in mind for a while and I borrowed some kids who I had taken photos of before.  I usually have this policy to never shoot kids in their house and I should have used this rule.  I have been shooting trying to improve in the people department.  On this day they just didn't want to cooperate in the least.  I also learned that the new style of lights weren't what I was looking for.  More cord than light.  I used one flash to light their faces.  Of course the fire was added later for safety reasons.  I am going to try this again but with a subject a little older, try some depth of field  and I got some lights more to the old style.  With every challenge there will be some problems and with problems a learning experience.  So it didn't work the first time.  Try try again.


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