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You have to start somewhere and why not start at the beginning.  If you have kids or know kids they have to start somewhere too.  This also provides the opportunity to shoot during the daylight hours and lets you use the equipment you have.  Here the most important thing is where to be when you take the photo.  Baseball has several key shots that are nice to have.  This is one of them.  Right hand you head for first base and lefties down third base.  Timing this shot takes some practice, anticipation of the swing, high shutter speed and luck.  What mom wouldn't love this. Who cares, I like it.   Lens selection is also a factor.  You can't get real close so somewhere around 200 mm will do the job.  As you advance to older kids the distances grow and umpires are fussy about where you stand.  I have been chewed out on occasion.    Baseball provides a single moment for a portrait like photo at any age.  Other sports may not be that kind.  Kids are learning more than doing and in group sports they form groups during the action. I call them worm balls.  Getting a clean shot may not happen but when it does you have to be ready.  I watch the game through the lens.  As any sport I follow the action or at least attempt to.  The most important thing is something has to happen and if the person isn't doing anything there will be no photo.




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