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_DS33762_DS33762Jack Miller Trinity leaps into Boiling Springs end zone as all eyes are on him.


I have been babbling along about better photography and how I got started.  It's been a long road and the learning curve steep.  There are always something going wrong that can make you miss the shot of the day. One of the things that comes up a lot for me is the distraction of the game.  They are many.  If I had a dime for every time another person carrying a camera comes over and starts a conversation about my camera, what tips for better pictures or some other thought they have to let me know about.  Usually they are trying to shoot the game so they come over during breaks of the game.  I try to help them.  Most move away when the game continues, however sometimes I have to let them know  I am trying to shoot the game and I can't talk and shoot at the same time.  When someone I know, a parent stops by and tries to hold a conversation I may get sidetracked.  I have missed some great opportunities talking with a dad missing his kid's play.  I get the I guessed you missed that one.  The biggest distraction is watching the game and watching the game.  Keeping the camera on a lineman waiting for that perfect block and hearing the crowd roar takes discinpline to stay the course. Paying attention to the game as a spectator is not what you want to do.  If you know a player it is much easier especially when you are looking for a particular photo or any photo of that player.  If you are shooting for a soccer goalie you can spend more time watching the game waiting for action to get to their goal.  Tennis you have to stay on the player to get the ball against the racket shot.






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