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I guess you may have thought this may be about standing on the sideline shooting the action. Sure you have to be somewhere on the sideline.   This photo is about the lady taking pictures of her son running the ball down the sidelines.  I was on the opposite side of the field watching the play take form.  I had just talked with his mom, camera stuff.  I really get excited about adding an element like the parent looking on.  Getting the camera shot  takes it to the next level.  Of course you have to know who the parent is.  I previously mentioned about looking for things other than the action shots.   Below is a shot of a rainy cold night.  The QB is looking to the sideline waiting for the play call.  Without the rain and chilled air the whole photo would not have the impact.  Some people would have stayed home.  Just about every Friday it rained that year and I didn't miss a one of them.  They make fitted lens rain coats  that work.  The biggest problem if the wind is blowing towards the lens you have to keep wiping off the glass or not.  Between plays I will often use a custom lens cover for the big lens or stuff a microfiber cloth inside the lens hood to keep the mist to a shoot level.  

Look across the field between plays, take advantage of foul weather and change sidelines for a different view of the action.

RAINY FRIDAY NIGHTRAINY FRIDAY NIGHTTrinity QB Patrick Dill waits for the call from the sideline.





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