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All photographs are subjective.  I joke with people about my 3 photographs theory.  When you pick a favorite photo of a player there will be what I think is a great photo,  mom will always pick something else and the player another.  Photography is very personal and what you see as a great moment of peak action, sharp as a tack, tells the story of the moment and should be on the cover of a sports magazine.   The mom sees it totally different.  A touching moment of their child along the sideline maybe in deep thought will get the nod most of the time.  Unless the mom is a jock herself.  The player can not be predicted.  They see the moment as what was happening or what they may have been thinking at that precise time or maybe the opinion of their peers.  I have since changed the way I shoot at games.  I look at the sidelines more often, keep shooting after the play is over looking for the moment of victory or agony of loss.   The one thing I will never figure out is when you see some of these shots and no one wants to print one.    Then there is the parent who wants everything no matter what printed for a scrap book or cover the walls in their house.  Look at the newspaper for examples.  They do not always print action but what they print will tell a story about the game or the person. 

I want to go on record.  I didn't start out to do this with the thought that someone would even care about the photos.  I did it for my family to have something of my nephew.  I accomplished my first objective.  I like to do photography and it was a challenge to get that next great shot.  I have a few printed for myself,  random kids I don't even know that  I consider WOW shots.  Photography is personal in doing it or viewing it.  Have some fun and don't dwell on what others think.


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