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I just had to do another blog on the wheel chair at Pennhurst. I had never seen a wheel chair of this type.  There were no back wheels  so the patient could not roll them selves around unless you were doing wheelies.  It had a stand on the back side that set on the floor.  The more I think about being there the more I think I will be going back.  I can't imagine what I didn't see.  Even being there at another part of the day or a cloudy day would change everything.  Light direction,  quantity, intensity or lack of any will change the character of the chair.  Maybe a subject in the chair. 

The light coming in from the small crack in the window boarded up long ago tickles the outline of the chair with just the right amount to give it a mood of truly lost in time.  Sadness, loneliness or nothingness comes to mind.  The eye moves over the chair wanting to see more.  Adding additional light would make it just another discarded item in the corner. I am sure that when Pennhurst was in operation the light was dim anyway. You may ask when is it too much light?  That will be determined each time it is viewed. I believe the more diverse the opinions the more you have achieved what photography should do.  1000 words are just a beginning.    Just as long as you are happy with it or you can go back with me on another trip to get it the way you want.


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Yeah i also have never seen a Wheel Chair of this type.This seems like someone has made it using natural things and this wheel chair can't be used by the person himself.It can be used with the help of others to support it.
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