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pano 5455pano 5455Frozen Niagara Fall on the American falls panorama with the City of Niagara New York.


When you think about cold places Buffalo NY comes to mind for its snow and - temps during the winter.  Niagara Falls is just around the corner.  In 2015 the falls became a winter wonder land of ice and snow.  In 2014 I went to shoot the ice and missed it by two days.  The falls really never freeze solid.  The amount of splashing water and mist coats the area painting ice over just about everything.  The coldness turns the ice a blue hue around the falls and the trees are frosty white.  Niagara doesn't do this every year at least not like this.  Photography becomes a challenge if you aren't dressed for success.  At -1 or so with a breeze minus 30 can be the norm.  Ten minutes on bare skin is the limit.  It takes extreme cold to do this because the water temp is not freezing and will eat the ice rather quickly when the temp rises above 30.  You may think you'd have the place to yourself.  Quite the contrary.  You have to stand in line to get a clear view of the falls.  I like shooting water falls just about anytime of the year but this could be a once of a lifetime because you never know what the weather will do.  If you go to the falls there is an American and Canada side.  They both offer views however, I only had one day to shoot with the weather being snowy so I chose to go to the Canada side.  Good choice for me.  I wish I would have been able to shoot around the American side for a more intimate view of the frozen vegetation.  Next time.


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