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_4152623_4152623Abandoned manufacturing plant being reclaimed by nature a little at a time. We have all seen movies of after a life altering event and This is a close as I have come to see it in person. Closed over 43 years ago due to a natural disaster nature is returning the site slowly. Algae, moss and plant life finding its way where light touches the grounds.

Everyone reads some form of a blog from time to time.  It can be a product review, opinion about something or just someone's though about anything.  I read them from time to time if something catches my eye.  I found one the other day based on a comment about what photography clubs should or shouldn't do.  Their premise was clubs should not do competition in the traditional manner.  Of course where the link was posted was a Facebook page of a camera club.  The bashing that went on about this post made me go and read it for myself.  I do not compete except with myself.  There is no such thing as a good judge only an opinion from someone who may have a reputation until they do some judging.  Then they become a jerk to all those who didn't win.  The person who blogged about the competition made sense if you actually read it.  It gave options and methods to better photography all positive.  For those who compete good luck.  Some people enjoy it and say they get something from it.  A judge telling me I should crop something different or the composition should be what they think it should be is their opinion.  I've sold a lot of that photo the way I made it.  I wouldn't change it.  So you love a photo you took, printed it and hung it on the wall, enjoy it everyday you look at it and someone who has no idea why you took it the way you did bashes it.  Give me a break.  If you want to gel a flash and make it blue, make it blue.  IF your goal is to compete then you'll have to restrict your creative process trying to please the judges. Not for me.  A friend asked me what my fascination is with the abandoned photography he preferred my wildlife photos.  His opinion.  Better photography to me is the challenge of making an image out of something that would be normally overlooked by every body else.  Is it better photography, to me yes because I am challenging myself to improve.  Opinions can be good but they should never be the final say.  I enjoy listening to others and have learned a lot doing so.  Don't let someone's negativity be the rule on how you do Better Photography.


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