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Just about everyone makes the comment taking digital photos doesn't cost anything.  They reference the film days when you bought film and paid someone to process the negatives.  I can tell you taking digital photos isn't free.  How much it costs depends on the level of photographer and quality of photos taken.  Some cameras are cheap and many take the photo as a JPG with no editing.  You still bought the camera and have a computer to store the photos and maybe print once in awhile. Cheap cameras won't last as long, the user will upgrade as they get better, replace the camera due to loss or damage.  All free.  Now step up a notch trying to take better photography and you go from a 500 dollar camera to a 3000 dollar one.  The files are bigger so you need larger hard drives, bigger memory cards and a faster processor.  Maybe you are still shooting JPG as is out of camera.  Maybe at this level you want to edit a photo.  Buy a program to do this or get a subscription to Photoshop and have a monthly bill the rest of your camera days.  You take classes on how to use the camera, process the photos or go on workshops to get more knowledge or better photos.  You can pay to have things printed or maybe you buy a printer.  Just maybe you'll stop here.  You will replace that camera even with a similar one, buy a few more lens, upgrade the lens you have or switch systems and start a new brand.  Still free.  Now you really want better photography and think getting the best camera to do it.  The ranges from $50,000 down to $6000 comes to mind.  The files just got bigger, you shoot in raw and your hard drive library keeps growing.  Shoot raw and you will process those photos.  Still Free.  I for one have taken the plunge with 3 professional cameras as well as lens, large printer, processing programs, photo papers, CF cards and all the carrying cases too.  I will need to let the first camera go and am thinking about one of those medium format cameras that run about $30,00.  I won't be able to use any of the lens I currently own and will have to upgrade the photo processing programs for the new raw format.  OK so it's your hobby.  All hobbies cost money and photography in the digital world is no different.  

However, the ability to shoot, process and print in a matter of seconds has to be worth something right?  Or you could just buy a used film camera and a lot of film for what I have invested in cameras and related equipment and learn more about photography than buying a cheap camera and shooting as many photos as you can because digital doesn't cost anything.


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