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I know now that I am going to visit abandoned places at least twice if I can.  Silo City, I have been there three times and planning for a future trip.  I noticed some time ago that when I look at the photos from the last trip I think of all the things I could have done differently. Photos are not in focus is the main reason.  Low light is hard for auto focus if not impossible and manual you still need to see the subject.  Silo City is so large that after 3 trips I still find things that I missed.  Just too much stuff to overwhelm you especially once.  The first visit I ran though the  place trying to get everything and ending up with nothing.  This time  I found myself spending most of the day on one floor and going back the next day.  Abandoned places can be dark.  Dark enough to cause you to dismiss a room altogether missing opportunities like the one above. Tucked in a wall, room dark enough to need a flashlight to see where to walk nothing else there to get your attention was this fan.  I spend about an hour trying different lighting techniques to try and capture something I liked.  This final image kind of happened.  I lighted it with flashlight, spotlight and a hand held Roto LED trying to make an even cast.  The one I liked I held a small flashlight a little to long in one place casting the shadow of the grate.  For this trip I bought a tilt shift 24 mm Nikon lens.  There were shots I would not have gotten without it.  However,  HUGE learning curve.  The lens moves and needs locked down or I forgot to reset before the next photo.  I went back and redid a lot of the photos with the trusty 14 to 24.  More practice needed. 

I think the lesson learned is plan to go back in the first place and take more time instead of rushing.


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