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i have been gone from the blog for too long and would like to thank another blogger Mark Maio  who really takes what I am writing about to the next level.  Getting out of the rut you are stuck in can be hard however, staying there isn't an option.  

I am a newbe to the photography world but the passion moved me into hyper speed.   Last check I had over 150,000 photo files and I have recently got in the groove revisiting long ago and letting folders of the first photos I shot go.  Why I even entertained keeping them in the first place.  Today i take few photos. Instead I do more looking and thinking about projects to do.  I only keep photos that will be printed (someday), a possible presentation or I think someone would enjoy it.   That being said   my first prints were for a show at Wildwood Park in Harrisburg.  Did the whole process of printing, framing and displaying.  I had a lot of money in the project and didn't sell anything.  That cooled my heals a little and thought I wouldn't like to do it again.  The good thing is some of those photos are hanging in my house and I am still enjoying them.  What did that experience teach me?  I did get some exposure, ended up starting to do local talks about what I do and I got interviewed on a radio show about the display.  After the radio show i got invited to do the artwork in some local establishments.  Photography is personal for me.  I don't want to give that up to make it business.  Not saying I wouldn't sell something however, not going to market and so on.  I do push myself to print things.  I do a lot of photography that normal people wouldn't hang in their space.  I love the abandoned places and trying to make it art.  I have a brother that is in the Psychology field and the most interesting display was to hang a bunch of abandoned stuff in his office.  It set of a reaction I never expected.  Half of the people coming thru his office demanded they be taken down and the others loved the idea.  The result was the display stayed up and those who didn't like it was asked to sit on the opposite side of the room. I found a new meaning of creating controversy good or bad.  Since then I have been doing a display of some kind for a long time now.  It is fun to go through the photos and come up with a display and of course it makes me print on paper or metal (metal being a favorite).  I think you have to ask this question, Why take the photos to never see them again?  I always like to read where someone finds a cache of old photos no one has seen before and they go viral.  It would be a shame to have to die and never know the joy you may bring to others.  If you feel you aren't good enough just surf all the Facebook or other social media sites and you will problably ask what were they thinking by posting.  You can always improve your photography by going to a workshop (check out Mark Maio) or take a class from one of the available online places like one of my favorite creativelive.  Not all classes or workshops are created equal but I will tell you the two mentioned here are some of the best. 


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