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As we journey through life we all go places that sooner or later fall in disrepair or ultimately close and slowly fall apart.  I went there the other day.  An old amusement park that I spent a lot of time at when I was little through teenage years.  There are a few buildings left empty mostly however, the iconic roller coaster still stands overgrown as nature reclaims the land.  On a drizzly day most appropriate for the subject matter this abandoned place was the explore for the day.  Something unusual about this day was there was enough light to shoot off the tripod.  I don't always get to do that in the dark abandoned places I normally explore.   I climbed around some blocked areas to gain better advantage shots of the coaster tracks. You could hear the creaking wood telling me to go no farther.  Everything that would have made great photography like the carousal were gone except the few cars sitting on the track at the start of the ride.  Protected by the roof they still looked as if a little maintenance and off they go. At least till they run into the first tree on the incline chain.  This place still had a lot of photos to be taken but I didn't take many as I did more thinking about all the good times we had as kids.  I feel lucky to have what photos I took because soon it will all be on the ground food for the insects that eat wood.  So those of you who take abandoned photos like I do maybe you should look for places you've been as well as new places you haven't.


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