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Not only is sports shooting great practice it hones your skills for target acquisition and focusing. If you understand the sport you can get ready by pre-focusing in the general area of the action about to happen. This is where the good glass comes in.  The best lens will focus a lot faster than a kit lens.  Kit lens tend to search for the subject causing a delay and a missed shot. Shooting the camera in auto mode can be a problem if the shutter speed is too slow.  If you are still shooting auto mode there is usually another choice to use called P for program mode.  Program will still be auto except you set something like the shutter speed and the other settings will adjust automatically.  (Read the manual.)    Baseball the batter is standing at the plate you just have to time the shot. Not easy either.   When they hit the ball you have to get the camera into position to either show the fielding of the ball or maybe the runner action at a base sliding or the tag.  Football has a signal that the ball is hiked into play and the play is run.  Then you get a break till the next play.  If they throw a pass you follow the ball and try to shoot the reception.  Trying to follow a pass play, HARD.   Soccer has a field larger than football and a ball getting kicked long distances till it is played.  Following the ball on a large area is tough.  Large lens small view.  Lift your head to see where to go and then get the camera pointed in the proper direction!!!   Anticipation of the action can put you right where you want to be or 1/4 second behind or ahead of the shot you really want.  You can set the camera to just shoot one thing such as watching the goalie.  The above photo isn't bad but the ball against the head would be a preferred shot.  Can you tell if the ball is inbound or outbound?  The ball shake is from leaving after she hit it.   I like to ad some weather when I can.  In fact I prefer it. 

Each sport provides a different challenge.






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