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Went Silo City for the third time.  Found myself doing some guiding to the other photographers so they could find places.  The chief photographer and founder of the Silo City workshop Mark Maio ratcheted up the game.    I have to say I miss some of the after hours things since I don't stay at the hotel with the main group but they do offer getting together to discuss the day and helping with processing or other questions that arise during the shop. With all the benefits of going to this place not to mention opportunity to photograph, Mark had a web meeting for those who can attend to showcase and discuss the photos taken during the workshop. He holds the web meeting several weeks later.  It gives people time to digest the trip and sort through their treasures.  Then you get to hear their thoughts on the images and make comments or ask questions.    He shares the web meeting with the attendees of the workshop whether or not you participated or not.  I took time to review the recording.  Well done by all.  I will have to look at some of my photos based on comments made by Mark.   I still can't believe I didn't see some of the things showed in the video.   I had to chuckle to myself from some of the comments about finding things different when they returned another time.  GUILTY.  After staging a photo I usually don't let it that way.  This time I left several to see how many noticed and took that photograph.  Some did.   I still found a lot of new things I missed thanks to some of the attendees and a fellow named Mike Broomfield.  He took light painted to a level I may not have even considered had I not seen him work.  He takes many photos painting parts of the scene and put it together. Sometimes he is painting just the tip of a fan blade.  When you consider you need a flashlight to get around some of the areas you would never know in Mike's photos how dark it was. MIKES PHOTOS  I could never get that photo the way I do it now.  The method he used has me thinking hard about my current equipment and changing to wifi method.  The people who run this workshop seem to make each trip better.   Weather didn't cooperate as always in Buffalo but it is Buffalo and that is where the Silos are.  

I will have to watch the video again.



Mark Maio(non-registered)
Dennis, thanks again for returning to my workshop and for sharing your insights on it and the image share we do after the workshop. Sorry you haven't been available to participate live. Although I have done the image share since the first Silo City workshop, for some reason I decided to hit the record button at the start of this one. I had no idea so many people would enjoy the three hour recording. As you pointed out, one of my goals is to create an environment where we all share our passion and knowledge of photography during the workshop. From your post and the feedback I received via email after the image share, I really need to advertise this part of the workshop. Up to now, attendees don't hear about it until they get to Buffalo. The next Silo City workshop is September 9 - 11, 2016 ( and for 2017 I have already secured the hopefully warmer weekend of June 23 - 25.
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