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Winter is almost over here in Pa but it's not letting loose very easily.  The question is if you are an outdoors shooter did you get any photos?  I have to say I didn't get many.  Not that I didn't go out I just didn't get what I wanted accomplished.  I try to have a list in my head of weather events where to go and what to shoot.  Whether rain, sun or snow things will have a different look or challenge.  I saw a photo done local in the Harrisburg area of the fake statue of liberty placed on a bridge pier in the middle of the Susquehanna River.  Sounds easy.  There isn't many vantage points and the main one is along a very busy corridor with no parking except along the road with just enough of room to get off the main road.  First thing I found was you can't do it at rush hour especially when it's below 10 degrees.  Not safe.  Preoccupied drivers you know.  The cold was  a problem. The trucks make it chilled factor of less than 10 minutes.  The wind off the convoys was like being in a storm.  Lens vibration made me wait till there was no traffic which didn't last long. So wait till the weekend sounds like a plan.  When you wait for a specific day the weather will always have to change those plans.  You really need some sun to make it work and this shot you want morning sun.  A few years ago I would have just taken a photo and done.  Now I try to make images.   This Statue really presented me many trips back for another try.  I got there too soon or too late.  The sunrise has to clear a knob so sunrise isn't really sunrise on the subject.  I tried the evening but the sun sets on the arm side and the shadows wasn't what I wanted.  I still haven't got the shot I wanted but I am not done trying. 


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