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Silo City Workshop

Once is never enough (Last Blog).  I have a Silo City earlier blog on the first trip. OLDER BLOG   The first trip was a great opportunity to photograph a place I had driven past for many years.  I didn't have to think very long or that hard about a return trip. The real decision was about when.  I am sure I missed a lot of things and some things I had passed over because I didn't see the photo hidden there. I watched some others in the belt room shooting away.  I didn't take a photo.  I didn't get it and I never want to take their photo. If you want to copy find the tripod marks in the dust and go for it.  However, after I saw one of the others photos I put it on my list. I should spend some more time there.  Maybe the light wasn't right or I was standing in the wrong place. 

The first trip was a rainy trip so you can hope for a little better weather and maybe some outside photos I didn't take.  If you just pick a spot and wait all day you will see something different as the light shifts.  Especially when the sun rises or sets.  10 minutes can make or break the photo.  I learned that from a trip to Glacier Park.  I was at St Mary Falls done for the day.  I was giving up because the light just wasn't right.  After 6 hours it still wasn't right.  I started across the bridge and here came a fellow with a large backpack. Looked just like Willie Nelson.  He stopped a foot or two away from where I was standing and asked if he was in my way.  He pulled out an old view camera and set it up.  He was using glass plates.  Now that peaked my interest. Some day I am going to try that.  I said the light is a little harsh and he said give it 10 minutes.  So I stayed.  The light moved and the view was spectacular.  I almost missed it. It was clear he was there before.  I wish I could have seen his finished work. 

I think about that when I'm in a place like the silos.  I may see something but I know it would be better if there was some light streaming on it. I like to light paint but there is nothing like the right light kissing the object in the right way. That is one thing abandoned places do.  A hole in the roof, broken window, missing wall panel, dust in the air or a glow from bouncing light.  I move on and put it in the back of my mind to go back and check it later.  Sometimes later doesn't work so you have to make a mental note you should have been there earlier.  So you always have to go back and try it again.  

It was a great adventure, great people, plenty of help and opportunity to advance your skills.  Don't let the price make your decision.  3 days of shooting at several locations.  It is well planned to maximize your time however, you can choose to not participate and spend all your time in one place.  I did a little rushing  thinking I wouldn't have enough time.  By the end of the 3 days you will be looking forward to a break and maybe another trip back to the silos.

Me, just thinking about it, trip number 3.





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