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Silo City, Buffalo NY an abandoned grain silo area along the Buffalo River.


Since this is normally about doing better photography leave no tracks has nothing to do with things in the wild or your foot steps across the sand.  Next time you go shooting with a group take the time to observe some of the photographers especially the new or inexperienced.  The better photographers look the subject matter over and decide what to shoot or shoot many photos to capture the views they feel are important.  When working they hardly notice others and conversation will be more small talk until they are finished with the subject matter.  New photographers will ask a lot of questions.  What's your camera settings especially ISO. They will  watch others waiting for their turn trying to capture the same shot.   I have had some look for the tripod marks and line up on them.  I never did that but I did take similar photos others were taking.  That's what I knew.  I shot what was there when I arrived as I happened on it and then walked away.   Better photography is not shooting what everyone else does.  It is not viewing others work and making that same image.  If the light isn't right I move or move an item to the light or wait till the light moves.  I make light when needed.  If I set up a shot I try to never leave it that way.  I move something I move it back.  It is your creativity here. That will not guarantee you the best photo or the only photo taken it will help you be creative instead of just having whatever everyone else did.  I shoot things a little darker than I used to.  It creates mood.  Portraits may be better a little over exposed.  There is no right or wrong if you like it.  There are many things photographed over and over and that's ok too.  Sometimes it is just what it is and you do the best you can to make it your own.  These are called Iconic.

Iconic photography is just that.  Yosemite half dome for example.  You aren't moving it and so many people have taken photos because of people like Ansel Adams as well as others.  It just is and if you want that photo take it, print it and hang it to enjoy. You still should try to take it in different light, time of day or hope for a sky no one has seen before.  Taking better photography is a quest that should be never ending and even you can take the same photo again and again with different results. Return at different times of the year, change your camera settings, shoot hot or dark and maybe try some HDR. 


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