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I guess I have made the commitment to the Abandoned Photography.  Most of the photographers I know and explore with are Abandoned explorers. I drive around with my eyes peeled for opportunities for exploring something that appears to be abandoned or maybe someone cleaning out a place that set idled for some time.  I prefer a place with things in it.  Tools, old furniture, a cool staircase and sometimes an empty place will provide the nicest light patterns on the walls and floors.  Some places are not worth the look but you have to just incase.  I like color and when something is decaying it provides some of the nicest tones of colors you can't find normally.  There are some side benefits to doing this type of photography, QUIET.  When shooting sports there are lots of things going on and Wildlife is a waiting game. When the action starts you don't have time to really think about it, let alone enjoy what's going on.  You just click and click and review when its over.   Abandoned things are just there waiting for someone like me to let others know about them.  I can spend all day on a piano or move a chair into the light. Sometimes you can see the light moving across the room knowing it is going to give that touch on something that you would pass by.  Patience is your friend.  Without it you will miss a lot.  I can really think about just how I want to expose the image to make better photography.  I see so many people expose dark abandoned things as if they are standing in a field at high noon.  How does that tell a story of things in a dark area with little or no light.  Light or lack of is at its best in these environments.  Just a kiss and no more.  Light and dark gives shape to things.  It can draw attention or show someone what you want them to see. Add a little light and you are light painting, or close a door to direct it where it needs to be.  Shoot on manual exposure.  Auto will only over expose.  Color is best underexposed. 

 But the real proof I am doing something right was on a trip I took with some fiends nothing to do with photo taking.  I had saw this building that I planned on going back someday and I couldn't find it although it was a major road and I saw it easily the first time.  I mentioned it to my friend and he smiled and said he knew where it was.  He said he saw it one day and thought creepy and creepy makes him think about me. 

Thanks, I'll take it.


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