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I have watched light many times as it moves in nature.  The world rotates moving the natural light across the surface of the earth and when you mix in clouds and other natural light blockers light plays many different games.  I sat the other morning as the sun came up.  Most things were snow covered.  The first thing was the kiss of light on a pole creating a shadow on the other side.  The clouds reflected the colors of the sky into the tops of the roofs with hues of red.  The snow drifted and the high spots were kissed first casting shadows on the other side of the drift.  Those moments come and go quickly.  Watch long enough the shadows will reverse as the light continues to move.  As I sipped my morning drink I couldn't see the true sunrise because of structures in the way but I noticed I could see it reflecting in the house window.  My favorite time of the day.  In the world of better photography chasing the light becomes a necessity.  Understanding how it reacts will help improve any photography.

Since I like doing Abandoned Places light doesn't play the same games, or does it.  Light moves even in the darkest places if there is the smallest hole to let it in. It may be the smallest beam or a window.  Light determines where the eye goes thus creating a focal point.  Light moves a lot faster sometimes giving only seconds to provide a kiss on something that becomes the subject for that moment.  Miss that light and I may walk right by.  You have to know your camera.  If you shoot in manual like I do understanding the settings and how to adjust them without thinking will provide the time you need on fleeting light.  I shoot with others that still shoot auto.  It works,  sometimes.  I think most overexpose because the camera wants to make things look brighter.  That is my opinion and it is their photo they can make it the way they want.  For me Darkness is a necessity to show that tickle of light, drawing the eye to the subject of the image. Color or lack of depends on the light.  If I get the chance I will always try to pass on why I shoot the way I do.  In the end your image should be your image made the way you think it should be.

Take some time and study light without the camera in hand.  Morning, day and evening the light keeps changing.  In Abandoned Photography you have to look at light or lack of by first finding it and a bright sunny day may provide a more defined subject than a cloudy day where light may spill everywhere.  Keep watching the light wherever you find it and you will make better images.


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